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May 11, 1872


Webmaster’s note: Victoria Woodhull was nominated President of the United States by the Equal Rights Party on May 10, 1872. The nomination was ratified in convention on June 6, 1872.

The undersigned citizens of the United States, responding to the invitation of the National Woman Suffrage Association propose to hold a Convention at Steinway Hall, in the city of New York the 9th and 10th of May.

We believe the time has come for the formation of a new political party whose principles shall meet the issues of the hour, and represent equal rights for all.

As women of the country are to take part for the first time in political action, we propose that the initiative steps in the Convention shall be taken by them, that their opinions and methods may be fairly set forth and considered by the representatives from many reform movements now ready for united action; such as the Internationals, and other Labor Reformers, the friends of peace, temperance, and education, and by all those who believe that the time has come to carry the principles of true morality and religion into the State House, the Court and the market place.

This Convention will declare the platform of the People’s Party, and consider the nomination of candidates for the President and Vice-President of the United States, who shall be the best possible exponents of political and industrial reform.

The Republican party, in destroying slavery, accomplished its entire mission. In denying that "citizen" means political equality, it has been false to its own definition of Republican Government; and in fostering land, railroad and money monopolies, it is building up a commercial feudalism dangerous to the liberty of the people.

The Democratic party false to its name and mission, died in the attempt to sustain slavery, and is buried beyond all hope of resurrection.

Even that portion of the Labor party which met recently at Columbus, proved its incapacity to frame a national platform to meet the demands of the hour.

We therefore invite all citizens, who believe in the idea of self-government; who demand an honest administration; the reform of political and social abuses; the emancipation of labor, and the enfranchisement of woman, to join with us and inaugurate a political revolution, which shall secure justice, liberty and equality to every citizen of the United States.





You are respectfully requested to authorize, at your earliest convenience, the use of your name to the above call, addressing your reply yes! or no! to Mrs. Isabella B. Hooker, 10 Hubbard St., New Haven, Conn.



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