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Please direct all inquiries to “sales” at as seen in the email address in the image above.

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Mary L. Shearer, Owner
Victoria Woodhull & Company
825 N. Overlook Cir.
Round Lake, IL 60073-8111

By Phone: 517-784-3725

Victoria Woodhull & Company is an online business, established in Jackson, Michigan in 1999
and operated there until 2015 when it moved to its current location in Round Lake, Illinois.
The owner is a great-great-grand-stepdaughter of Colonel James H. Blood who was married to Victoria Woodhull.
After Victoria divorced Col. Blood, he married Mary L. Shearer’s great-great-grandmother, Isabell Morrill Fogg Blood.

Victoria Woodhull is a registered trademark of Victoria Woodhull & Company.