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The Reform Party

All Other Third Parties

Libertarianism, A Primer A philosophy that has been claimed by both the Conservatives and the Liberals.

National Political Index An excellent collection of web links to all things political.

What Are Ballots For? by Richard Winger The shameful story of why a voters choice is limited to the candidates of two parties.

Liberty Coalition An organization that wants to unite all third parties to form a powerful coalition against the Republicans and Democrats.

Public Campaign An organization that wants to give every one a fair chance to run for public office.

The White House Project A non-partisan group that promotes the candidacy of women for the White House.

And for a brief notice on Victoria Woodhull's party:

The Equal Rights Party


It's a very good rule in all things of life,
When judging a friend or brother,
Not to look at the question alone on one side
But always turn to the other.
We are apt to be selfish in all our views,
In the jostling headlong race;
And so to be right ere you censure a man,
Just "put yourself in his place."

It is very hard to be just, to know
The reason another may give;
How much he has struggled and found and striven
How honestly tried to live;
How much have been cheated, how sorely tried,
Ere the wrong he was forced to embrace;
And if you would learn these things, the way
Is to "put yourself in his place."

There's many a man crushed down by shame
Who blameless stands before God,
But whom his fellows have utterly scorned,
And made "to pass under the rod";
Whose soul is unstained by the thought of sin,
Who will yet find saving grace
And who would be praised where you now condemn,
If would "put yourself in his place."

Woodhull & Claflin's Weekly, January 7, 1871

All Other Parties
The links below are provided as a comprehensive view of third parties in the United States. The list was compiled with no consideration made to the political or moral positions of the parties. Some people may find certain political parties offensive. Others may be offended to have a Christian party listed on the same page as a Communist party. The purpose of this page is not to take any political stance or endorse any particular party. The purpose of this page is to demonstrate party views that are out of the mainstream. If a political party is missing, regardless of its views, please e-mail its web address for inclusion on this page.

Alaskan Independence Party Calls for another vote on Alaska's statehood.

All American Constitution Party Formed by a former Republican who wants "to return government to the Constitution and the Bill of Rights."

American Independent Party California affiliate of the Constitution Party.

Americanist Party Opposed to money and special interest groups in politics.

Communist Party U.S.A. Marxist-Leninist party for the working class.

Constitution Action Party Advocates "traditional values" and an end to the personal income tax.

Constitution Party Formerly known as the U.S. Taxpayers Party. Seeks to limit federal government according to the Constitution and based on Biblical law.

DC Statehood Party Self-determination for the citizens of Washington D.C.

Democratic Socialists of America Part of the worldwide Socialist International, "demanding democratic empowerment in the economy, in gender realtions and in culture."

Expansionist Party of the United States Believes in expanding the U.S. to eliminate international borders with the expectation that it will eliminate "human misery and environmental devastation."

Freedom Socialist Party A feminist socialist organization, advocating "a genuine workers' democracy."

Fusion Party of America In favor of eliminating the age restrictions on holding public office.

Grassroots Party of Minnesota Believes prohibition of drugs is a mistake like alcohol prohibition.

Green Party An association of parties which value "ecological wisdom," non-violence, and feminism, among other values.

Hui Kalai'aina Advocates Hawaiian sovereignty among other issues.

Humanist Party In favor of cooperativism to eliminate poverty.

International Socialist Organization In favor of revolution rather than reform.

Internet Party Promotes empowerment of the individual.

Ku Klux Klan Party For "white power."

Labor Party Believes in a constitutional right to a job.

Libertarian Party In favor of individual rights over the power of the state.

Light Party A New Age party seeking to unite all policial parties.

Multi-Capitalist Party Wants "capitalism for everyone" to achieve prosperity for all.

National Mini Convention Political Party A conservative party of the people.

National Patriot Party Seeking to unite all Americans "regardless of ideology." Connected with the Reform Party.

National Socialist White People's Party Formerly called the American Nazi Party.

Natural Law Party In favor of organic farming and "prevention-oriented government."

New Party Returning "power to the people."

New Union Party Socialist party based on Marx and Engels.

Pansexual Peace Party Wiccan based party supporting peace, freedom, and human sexuality.

Peace and Freedom Party Feminist and Socialist California party.

Progressive Labor Party An outspoken Communist party.

Prohibition Party For honest government and clean living.

Puritan Party Born-again Christian party

Royalist Party of America Wants U.S. to establish a constitutional monarchy.

Social Democrats Opposed to communism and fascism. Believes in individual rights.

Social Nationalist Party Opposed to abortion and affirmative action.

Socialist Party Believes in production based on public need rather than profitability.

United States Pacifist Party Opposed to the military tradition.

VAMPS Against Modern Political Systems Wants to fix a corrupt government.

We the People Party A "membership association" with ties to former California Governor Jerry Brown.

Workers Party Marxist-Leninist group with "pro-social agenda."

Workers World Party Opposed to capitalism.

World Socialist Party of the United States Wants to change social system of class relationships.

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