December 9, 1871

Woman Items

Laborers are scarce at St. John's, N.F., and women are employed on the wharves to load and unload vessels.

"My daughter Julia," says the editor of the Seymour (Ill.) Times, "becoming disgusted with the roving printers we had to employ, determined to do all the work herself. She set every type in the current issue of the paper, including new advertisements, and had three columns left over for next week; besides which she did a big washing, read about fifty newspapers, and took two days' recreation at the county fair.

Webmaster's note--Obviously the concept of the "super woman" is nothing new.

"There is nothing new under the sun:" Who could have supposed however, that it would be our privilege, in this nineteenth century, to give a veritable extract from one of the Ante-Nicene fathers in condemnation of the monstrous fashions of our own day, aptly entitling it, "Tertullion on the Chignon?''...."Why is no rest allowed to your hair, which must be now bound, now loosed, now cultivated, now thinned out? Some are anxious to force their hair into curls; some to let it hang loose and flying . . . .It has been pronounced that no one can add to his own stature. You, however, do add to your weight some kind of rolls, or shield bosses to be piled upon your necks. If you feel no shame at the pollution, for fear you are fitting on a holy and Christian head the slough of some one else's head--unclean perchance, guilty perchance, and destined to hell...." Webmaster’s Note: There must be a lot of fashion plates in Hollywood headed to hell for their hair extensions.

Editorial Excerpt : What is the Issue?

The present political issue is, plainly, the common right of self-government specially involving the right of woman to it. Self-government means either that people may govern themselves or have a direct voice in the election of those who shall frame the laws; that is, shall be represented in the law-making power. If a person be not represented in the law-making power, and is not himself a part of that power, then he has no self-government....

Are We A Christian People?

This may seem a strange query to ask in this advanced day and age. But if we are to base our pretensions to being so upon the exemplifications of the precepts and practices of the Man of Nazareth it is seriously to be doubted if we have any just right to that name...On every hand people live simply for self and seemingly absorbed in the things of the material world, as ends. Very few are they who regard their acquisitions of wealth in any other light than for personal comfort and gratification. Millionaires reside in sight of the starving and forget that they are their brothers and sisters, all owning a Common Parent. . . . If we regard this generation in the light of the teachings of Christ, the accumulated wealth of the world is simply held in trust for the people; since He taught that we are all brothers, not merely in name but in the essence of the term. It behooves those who have been entrusted with the people's wealth to begin to show that they are desirous of properly administering their trust.....Our Christianity is a vast bundle of the most intense selfishness; seeking wealth in every possible way, without any reference whatever to the good that can be done with it, and caring not a whit who suffers by its obtainment, and even enforcing its possession at the expense of food, shelter and raiment for suffering women and children.

THE BIBLE in schools is one of the controverted questions of the day. Protestants take the Bible in full, Catholics take the Bible in part--Jews, Atheists and Heretics and "sich" are of no account. The American Constitution ignores religion. Every man may worship as he pleases. Public schools are for the purpose of instruction in facts, not in opinions; even morals are not professedly the objects of public school instruction. In Long Island City there is an immense muss on the subject. Protestants, anxious to make political capital, insist on reading a book objectionable to Catholic citizens and tax-payers. The rule of "live and let live" seems to obviate the difficulty. But your zealot is not easily satisfied unless he be atop of the heap.

Woman Labor

The belief of a certain class of men is, that in claiming equal rights the fair sex are merely dissatisfied with the duties or comforts--as the case may be--of their lot; and that in seeking the quality of payment for tasks carefully and faithfully performed they are but courting the excitement attendant on masculine employment and out-of-door life.

That the duties of father and mother both devolve on nine out of every ten women, not only in New York, but in the Christian world, is a fact that they cannot but perceive, but are unwilling to admit. If a man finds it impossible to keep a family of five in food and shoe leather on $8 or $10 per week, how in the name of common sense is a woman to do it? Yet thousands are compelled to keep the souls and bodies together of their little flock of starvelings on these amounts; and the very man who complains most bitterly of the expenses of his family and the smallness of his pay is usually the loudest in denouncing the claim to equal rights.......REGINA


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