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November 18, 1871

Woman Items

"Figures won't lie." Won't they? Does a fashionable woman's figure tell the truth?

In early life the boy masters his opportunities, while the girl generally misses her.

It is popularly believed that an item not to be forgotten in arranging for a fashionable party in New York, this season, is a generous supply of cigarettes for the ladies' dressing room.

One of the reliable physicians of Chicago states that he has the means of knowing that 500 children were born on the prairie and on the streets during Monday and Tuesday nights, at Chicago during the fire.

A speaker at the recent meeting of Pittsburg Woman Suffrage Association remarked that "man is only an imperfectly developed woman.'" At this an old lady, who sat in a corner, sprang to her feet, and in an excited manner said she "hoped to gracious he wouldn't be developed any more then, for there were too many women in the world now."


By A.G. Spalding

That most ancient and venerated document, entitled the Holy Bible, is idolized by the church-going world, and, claiming to come direct from Heaven, it is considered the book of books, and the source of all wisdom and perfection to mankind. Our schoolmaster in past generations, it is now getting so old that, like the deciduous tree, its sacred leaves are fast falling to the ground, and its trunk and branches are withering with age and decay. As a natural result, its pupils are now rapidly graduation out of the old Bible into the new, styled the newspaper, or people's Bible.

The old Bible is losing respect everywhere, and in the best society, being seldom used except on funeral occasions and our Sunday worship, and sometimes in family prayer, it is read only as a very solemn duty, having reference to preparation for death. Then it is laid away on the dusty shelf.

But the new Bible--the newspaper--is a daily and hourly visitor and companion, welcomed by all--old and young, grave and gay, church members and non-church members. It is found in parlor and kitchen, n store and shop, in city and country, and in every man's pocket. It is our guide and instructor, our preacher and lecturer, our lawyer, doctor and farmer.

All the very best things in the old Bible are copied into the new, leaving out only the mythical and traditional, and the rubbish and old fogeyism, about war and slavery, murders and seductions, polygamy and concubinage, and woman's subjugation, also the great frightful devil, the awful brimstone hell and everlasting damnation. But so much as relates to truth, right, love, justice, humanity, and brotherhood are most carefully preserved.....

Webmaster's note: It seems the murders, seductions, polygamy, etc. of the "Old Bible" are being copied into the "New Bible" now. Same old story, but a different cast of characters.

Outcast Children

Ten thousand human beings under the age of fourteen years are adrift in the streets of New York. Four fifths of them are confirmed vagrants, and the majority are growing up in ignorance of everything but the depravity which is gleaned from the city slums, and all of them are being pushed by the relentless force of untoward circumstances into criminal practices in which many have become adepts in the dawn of their blighted lives. The major portion are boys rapidly preparing for the almshouse, prisons and gallows; but hundreds are girls, who have before them the dark horror of prostitution, as well as those appliances of civilization for the care or repression of the pauperism and lawlessness which it creates. It is this juvenile army of vagabondage and crime hanging upon the flanks of society and occasionally starting it from its propriety by manifestations of immeasurable capacity for mischief, which is a prominent peril and the most sorrowful of the nether aspects of the city.--Edward Crapsey.

Why the women of the Oneida Community wear the short dress is explained by the circular: "The short dress belongs to us chiefly because it is a badge of freedom, of freedom from the tyranny of fashion. . . . The first deep motive of woman's adornment, it is generally assumed, is to attract the love and admiration of man. Every thoroughly candid woman, it is said, will confess this. . . . It is for the love of man that woman, in following the vagaries of fashion, sacrifices peace of heart with mental improvement, and health and comfort and convenience. But the women of the community do not find it necessary to sacrifice these things to gain the affections of the men. They have the love of the men in the short dress, and much more of it than if they were disguised by fashion. There is no dearth of magnetism between the sexes in the community. . . . Webmaster's note: Back then, short skirts were about ankle-length. If the Oneida women had "the love of men" with the ankle-length skirt, today's women must REALLY have "the love of men" with the mini-skirt.


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