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Colonel Blood's Silver Casket Plate
Inherited by his great-great-grandstepdaughter Mary Shearer
Copyrighted by Victoria Woodhull & Company

Victoria Woodhull in Profile Autographed carte de visite in the holdings of the University of Michigan. Victoria's autographs are difficult to authenticate as her husband Col. Blood was her secretary and frequently signed her name.

Victoria Woodhull in Plaid In the holdings of the State Historical Society of Wisconsin & University of Wisconsin

Victoria Woodhull in Full-length Picture available for licensing fee from Corbis. See traditional licensing for professional use. Image BE064382. You may also find a copy of this image on the abcnews.go.com web site in an article about Victoria Woodhull.

Victoria Woodhull Profile in Plaid Picture available for licensing fee from Corbis. See traditional licensing for professional use. Image BE040271.

A Drawing of Victoria Woodhull with Cropped Hair She found short hair easier to take care of than the long tresses and chignon hairpieces popular in her day. From theWomen Make Movies web site.

A Lithograph of Victoria Woodhull Attempting to Vote This image, S73, is available for licensing from Corbis. A version of this picture is also owned by Victoria Woodhull & Company. Available for purchase in our online store for $6.50.

Tennie C. Claflin Photographed by Matthew Brady From the Still Picture Branch of the National Archives at College Park, 8601 Adelphi Road, College Park, MD. See the National Archives NAIL database. This image may be in the public domain.

Colonel Blood and the Fogg Women Col. James Harvey Blood; his third wife, Isabell Morrill Fogg Blood, his step-daughter, Fannie Fogg Koss; and Mary Shearer, the great-granddaughter of his step-son and business partner, Frank Morrill Fogg. Images copyrighted by Victoria Woodhull & Company

Colonel Blood's Tombstone Green-Wood Cemetery, Brooklyn, New York. Image copyrighted by Victoria Woodhull & Company.

Rev. Henry Ward Beecher at Age 25 Beecher was 25 in 1838, the year Victoria Woodhull was born. From the Episcopal Diocese of Louisiana.

An Older Rev. Henry Ward Beecher Closer to the age when Victoria would have met him. From the Cyber Hymnal Web Site

Interior of the Famous Plymouth Church Victoria alleged that Rev. Beecher preached to twenty of his mistresses here every Sunday. From the library of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

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