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The first studio to consider making a movie of Victoria Woodhull's life was Warner Brothers in the late 1920's. Each generation attempts to dramatize the life of Victoria Woodhull on stage, movie, or television, but with limited success. Madonna reportedly backed out of a Victoria Woodhull project based on Johanna Johnston's book.  In the 1990's, at least three books were under option for movie projects. (See the list below for an overview of Victoria Woodhull works since the 1930's.)

The book most likely to brought to the big screen today is Barbara Goldsmith's "Other Powers."  Tom Cruise originally bought the rights to the book for his wife Nicole Kidman.  Since the divorce, there has been little information about what will happen to the movie. Rumor has it that Olivia Williams of the "Sixth Sense" will play Victoria when the film is made.  Stephen Katz was writing the script with Paul Verhoeven as director.  Now, Naomi Foner is writing the script with Steven Soderbergh as director.  The project has gone from Tom Cruise to George Clooney.  As a result, Nicole Kidman may still be under consideration for the leading role.

No living actress comes to mind who could portray "The Woodhull" to perfection.  Here are our suggestions for actors in a future Victoria Woodhull flick: Uma Thurman as Victoria Woodhull, Johnny Depp as Colonel Blood, Drew Barrymore or Kate Hudson as Tennessee Claflin, Kelsey Grammer as Rev. Henry Ward Beecher, and Jack Nicholson as Commodore Vanderbilt.

Actresses/Storytellers Who Have Portrayed Woodhull
Caron Anton, "In Good Company: Power Edition" at Horizons Theatre.
Jean Austin in "Victoria Woodhull Tells All." 1991.
Alana Boyce in "Womanspeak." 1989.
Mary Burkin in a one-person show, "Victoria Woodhull."
Kate Capshaw, voiceover in "America's Victoria."
Charlene Conners in a one person show.
Jill Eikenberry in "Onward Victoria."  1980.
Patricia Gage in "A Thread of Scarlet."
Tess Gill in "The Suffrajets."  2004
Tanya Griffith in "Girl from Ohio." Performed at Dover Ohio Congregational Church in Westlake, OH in 1982.
Sandra R. Hansen in "Miss Fuller's Letter."
Barbara Kite in "So the Story Goes" produced by Panda Tillicum.
Pam McGrath in "The Case of Victoria Woodhull."
Pamela Myers in an impersonation act.  1978.
Katherine Newell.
Sarah Longman Payne in her one person show, "Oh Victoria."
Actresses Who Were Approached to Play Woodhull
Carol Channing was offered the role in Vicky for President by Burt Shevelove, Arthur Schwartz, and Yip Harburg. 1971.
Faye Duniway wanted to appear in Vicky by James Toback.
Tisa Farrow, sister of Mia Farrow, reported in 1976 to be working on her first major film, Vickey.
Katherine Hepburn was offered the role in The Incredible Woodhull by  Frederick Schlick.  1957.
Nicole Kidman was slated to play the role in Other Powers, script by Stephen Katz.
Lisa Kirk "up for the lead" in the Broadway musical An Amazing Woman in 1959.
Claire Trevor was offered the role in Petticoat President, a radio series by Irving Wallace in 1952. (Still trying to confirm if this was ever aired.)
Trish Van Devere was planning a one-woman show in 1976.
Olivia Williams was rumored to be offered the role in Other Powers.
Audio, Audio Drama & Radio
Petticoat President by Irving Wallace. 1952.
Radio 4 Houston Interview about Victoria Woodhull by Emily Nghiem.
  During women's history month 2002, radio host Emily Nghiem  interviewed Mary Shearer of Victoria Woodhull & Company.  To download a copy of this interview, go to the radio4houston web site and click the hyperlink for the Mary Shearer interview.  (Please note that the interview inaccurately states Mary Shearer's relationship.  She's closely related to Victoria Woodhull's second husband Col. Blood, not to Victoria Woodhull  Col. Blood was the second husband of Mary's great-great-grandmother.  Victoria Woodhull is related to Mary very distantly.  Victoria is her seventh cousin five times removed through the Rogers family.  Mary's husband is Victoria's sixth cousin three times removed through the Edwards family.)
They Were Giants: Great Moments in the Great Hall by Himan Brown, produced for Cooper's Union and WNYC radio. Victoria Woodhull was among those featured.
Books Sold for Movie or Dramatic Rights
Mrs. Satan by Johanna Johnston.  Rights purchased by Universal Studios in 1967.  Rights later sold by Johnston's heirs to Robin Aiello.
Notorious Victoria by Mary Gabriel.  (Unknown to whom she sold her rights.)
Other Powers by Barbara Goldsmith.  Rights bought by Tom Cruise, now optioned by George Clooney.
Terrible Siren by Emanie Sachs.  Screenplay was to be written by Oscar winner David Boehm in 1950.
Vicky by M.M. Marberry.  Rights purchased by George Barrie and Brut Productions. Movie was to be produced by Warner Brothers in 1974.
Woman Who Ran for President by Lois Beachy Underhill.  Rights rumored to have been bought by Richard Gere.
The Vixens by James Brough. Reported in 2000 as optioned by Producer Tony Eldridge of  Lonetree Entertainment in conjunction with Seven Arts Productions.
America's Victoria, produced by Victoria Weston of Zoie Films.
Intimate Portraits: Victoria Woodhull.  Aired on Lifetime Television.
Judge Her By Her Heart by Suzanne Condray.
Loving Henry. An opera about Henry Ward Beecher with Victoria Woodhull as a character.
Mrs Satan. by Victoria Bond.  Debuted 2000.
Plays and Shows
An Amazing Woman. 1935.  Another attempt to produce the musical on Broadway was made in 1959.
Footnote for Victoria by Polly Mann
In Good Company, the Power Edition. Woodhull is one of four female leaders in play.
The Incredible Woodhull by Frederick Schlick.  1957.
Miss Fuller's Letter, formerly known as "Bride's Cake," a 40 Minute historical presentation by Sandra R. Hansen.
Oh, Victoria! a one person, one-act musical, performed by Sarah Longman Payne.
Onward Victoria, a musical by Charlotte Anker & Irene Rosenberg.  Considered by some to be one of the ten worst Broadway plays. 
Spirit & Flesh by G.L. Horton.
The Suffrajets, a "musical seance." A performance event July 2004 at One Arm Red Theatre.  Created by Tess Gill, Laurie Norton, and Dia Marie Shepardson.  Music by Tom Bartos.
That Girl from Ohio by Tanya Griffith Skefel
A Thread of Scarlet by Howard Richardson, published 1980. [OUT OF PRINT] 
To order A Thread of Scarlet by Amazon's out-of-print service, click here and perform search for book.
Tried By Fire by Angelo DeCandia of New York
Unescorted Women, 1979.  (Forerunner of the musical Onward Victoria.)
VIC: Spirit Made Flesh, by Maria Glanz. Winner of the 2002 Hugo House New Play award.
Vicky for President, a musical, by Burt Shevelove, Arthur Schwartz, and Yip Harburg. 1971.
Victoria Forever! by Irving Elman. (Off-Broadway comedy.)
Victoria Victorious! by Irving Elman.  Preview script.
Victoria Woodhull, a 40 minute traveling show, produced by The Road Show
The Victoria Woodhull Project by Cynthia Mossman, debuted 2001 at Art Repertory Theatre, Arcata, California. Stageplay was a finalist in the Moondance International Film Festival.
Victoria Woodhull Tells All, a monodrama by Peter R. Nadolny.  1991.
The Wicked Mrs. Woodhull. Book by William Kloman. Composer Addy O. Fieger. Lyricist Danny Apolinar. 1976.
Free Woman by Delores Wenger. Copyright 1996.  Based on the book, "Whirlwind in Petticoats."
Victoria the First by Bill Osinski.
Vicky by James Toback. Considered by Movieline to be one of the ten best scripts that haven't been produced.
a script by Stephen Katz
a script by Lauri Maguire
a script by Nancy Muldoon
Victoria's Sisters, a group of women from the Ohio Village Singers.


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